Professional Furniture Cleaning

Luxury home furniture looks quite exquisite and amazing, doesn`t it? But it needs some decent and regular maintenance to be always bright and fresh. Our professional cleaning company in London offers you a variety of solutions you can take benefits of and get your sofa back in top condition without even moving from the coach. In addition to this, Sofa Clean London delivers budget-friendly domestic and commercial cleaning and insurance included in the price. Plus – all of these:

  • Easy booking, free re-scheduling
  • Providing all the necessary cleaning materials: tools, devices, green detergents
  • Possibility for you not to remain at home
  • Insured, hassle-free procedure

Do not hesitate to give us a call and make a reservation or ask for more additional information about our furniture cleaning services in London. Dial this phone number 020 3404 5300 and reach our kind and polite customer support representatives. They will arrange a visitation by the experienced and skillful sofa cleaners for you as soon as possible! Please note that if you order more than 1 service, you will get a special discount from us! All regular and loyal customers also receive a promotional price!

Sofa Clean London Expert Services

Regardless what the stain on your sofa is, we will be happy to remove it. Sofa Clean London has developed the right cleaning methods and solutions for any type of stains. Please, note that stain treatment we provide is 100% safe, organic and not charged as an additional service, but is part of the professional cleaning service in London. Pre-treats all stains, high traffic areas and dirt patches with the proper detergents. There is detergents for coffee, fruit, makeup stains, etc. protection spray called Scotchgard. We clean the following types of sofas:

  • Couch or settee
  • Traditional sofa
  • Convertible sofa
  • Loveseat
  • Divan
  • Settee
  • Sectional sofa
  • Sofa bed
  • Hide-a-bed
  • Couch bed
  • Sleeper sofa

Get the ultimate domestic and commercial cleaning in London. What makes us so successful is the fact that our sanitizing and disinfection formulas work on all types of sofas and materials. The significance behind the right estimation of the material is huge when it comes to putting into force the best cleaning technique. All procedures are performed with chemical-free cleaning detergents and modern machinery. Hovering and deodorizing are always included in the price and if you request, we will also apply for Scotchgard protection, too. We clean the following fabrics:

    • synthetic
    • wool
    • cotton
    • linen
    • silk
    • viscose
    • organic fibre
    • suede
    • plush
    • chenille
    • nubuck
    • leather
    • acrylic
    • oily stains
    • paint
    • rust
    • blood
    • tea
    • coffee
    • vomit
    • wine

Professional Cleaning on Competitive Rates

Unlike most professional cleaning companies, Sofa Clean London has developed two special formulas. They are furniture cleaning services in London that are devoted to the luxurious and delicate furniture, at one hand, and the synthetic and more solid furniture, on the other. We use dry cleaning remedies for delicate and antique furniture. No water is used, so shrinking can be avoided. Steam furniture cleaning is more thorough and it works amazingly well against stains. The helpful furniture cleaners are those, who evaluate the best method, so do not worry and leave everything in our hands.

It takes a little bit to refresh your interior design to make it stylish, neat and attractive again. And sometimes, a little bit of proper cleaning can do the entire job and you can achieve your mission for wonderful atmosphere. With our deep and secured furniture cleaning service in London you can opt for better furniture appearance without spending hundreds of pounds! Make the right choice! Call the right company – Sofa Clean London.

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