Professional Leather Cleaning

leather sofa cleaning londonAre you looking for a leather rejuvenating method to restore your luxurious upholstery look at home? Or you just cannot figure it out how to find more time for decent leather sofa cleaning in your office? There is no place for worrying. Now, when our professional leather cleaning company London is here, your sofas and upholstery can finally look like new again. Simply, rely on Sofa Clean London and try the top rated and high quality leather service right away. Or see below more details about our service, including the following bonuses we provide:

  • Flexible scheduling slots, easy re-scheduling
  • Fixed and low-cost prices, no hidden charges
  • Available to work after-hours
  • Insured and hassle-free service on a bargain price

Submit your order or get more details about our decent and trustworthy professional leather cleaning service. Arrange a visitation by the diligent experts immediately! Just call our assistants on 020 3404 5300 phone number and they will respond to your as soon as possible. We will be glad to help you and to emphasize on your expensive and beautiful leather sofas in your stylish interior design!

Meet Sofa Clean London

Sofa Clean London is a company with more than 10 years of experience in the field of proper and insured leather sofa cleaning. To ensure you perfect results, fast performance and low-cost prices that will suit any UK citizen`s budget, we have adopted contemporary tools and machinery. We have also accepted the eco-friendly cleaning policy. Not only the sofas and upholstery are at safe and away from hazardous products, but we also keep your environment healthy and fresh. All the detergents are tested and certified and they have no harm impact either on pets, or on kids. Attention: we cover most UK regions, including Greater London, and we work 365 days per year: including during national holidays and weekends.

Leather Cleaning Step by Step

If you wonder how we do it: sanitizing any type of leather sofa or upholstery without putting it into the risk of shrinking, tearing, losing its brilliance or fading, you need to meet our efficient leather cleaning formula. Check it out what the motivated pros in London actually do to revive your exquisite leather furniture:

The hard-working expert begin with inspection to determine what is the condition and to what extent will be able to clean it.

Then he we test a little non-visible patch of the leather (for Šµxample under the sitting cushion) to see exactly how well the dirt is coming off.

After that a Foam Leather cleaner is applied and left to absorb all the dirt for a few minutes, then the technician will use a soft brush and will hand brush and then wipe with a white cotton cloth.

After the cleaning, a layer of leather rejuvenator is applied over the surface in order to lock the cleaned result and to work as a protective layer. It takes between 1 and 2 hours until the rejuvenator dries out.

We have stain removals for ink, we also have a crack filler with different colors, however, we will first need a photo of the upholstery to make sure we have the same crack filler colour.

We usually do not clean mat leather as this type of leather has not been protected with rejuvenator and it tears out pretty quickly. If we clean mat leather the colour will definitely change that is why the client needs to be informed.

Bad odour removal is added to the service and you can also require deodorizing with revolutionary natural solutions.

Make a Quick and Simple Reservation

What are you still waiting for? Make an easy reservation for our efficient leather cleaning service for sofas and upholstery. Don`t hesitate, but let the well-trained and first-class pros London do their job and make your furniture revived, bright and shiny again! Make an order via the online direct form or simply give us a call on 020 3404 5300!