Sofa Clean London Answers the Top Cleaning Questions

Sofa Clean London has established reliable customer support services. Our consultants work for you. You can always get in touch with us and ask for some additional information about our reputable commercial and domestic cleaning service inLondon or the services we provide. However, below, you can find a quick answer to your question, too. Here are the top frequently asked questions about our professional cleaning services.

What is the price of any of your services?

We do not have a universal price for each cleaning service. However, the formula for the price is the same for all procedures. The services are hourly-based. If cleaners need more time to remove the stains, the service gets more expensive. And, if you order all premises or pieces of furniture to be sanitized, the rate gets higher, as well. All prices include VAT and insurance. In the case of omission, we cover damages and losses. Most of the services come with cleaning equipment fee included.

How can I pay?

Our trustworthy cleaning company in London provides various and flexible payment methods like credit or debit cards. Note that we do not require any payment in advance. Deposits aren`t needed, either.

What if I am not happy with the service?

You have 24 hours to call us back in case you are not pleased with the final result. We will send a different cleaning team for a post check-out. If the result is, indeed, poor, we will re-clean the property or the piece of furniture at our expense.

Why is it recommended to use professional cleaning services in London for the sofa, upholstery and mattresses?

These are very delicate and specific items from the domestic or commercial environment. Whether they are placed in a hotel or your living space, they gather a lot of germs that threaten our health. In addition to these, the delicate material they are usually made prevent us to sanitize them easily. Instead, expert cleaners have the necessary skills and experience to deal with the stains and to remove dust, dirt or germs safely and fast. Plus – we are always equipped with more reliable detergents with an instant effect that those you can buy from the store.

What is the difference between steam and dry sofa cleaning services?

Both services are designed for sofas. However, dry sofa cleaning is more suitable for delicate items. These are 100% natural, antique, luxurious and hand-knotted sofas. And steam sofa cleaning is in most cases suitable for manufactured and synthetic materials. Since the steam method is more thorough we also recommend it for old or too dirty items. Steam cleaning is hot water extraction method, which means that it uses pressure, high temperature, steam, and liquids. The furniture is usable after the procedure within 3 hours. Unlike steam approach, dry cleaning method involves no liquids, but dry remedies. The furniture is usable right after the procedure.